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Accessory Genie - Consumer Electronics and Accessories Industry News

Accessory Genie - Consumer Electronics and Accessories Industry News

04/17/2015 02:50 PM
Game of Thrones Spoiler Alerts!
Last week was the exciting premiere of Season 5 of Game of Thrones. The internet was ablaze with discussions, leaks and more! If you didn’t watch it, I’m sure a co-worker, someone at a restaurant or a person walking down the street informed you of what you missed. The latest craze is all the major plot twists revealed because of the leaks. If you don’t wish to discuss future twists, now is
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Accessory Genie specializes in Bluetooth audio, headphones, portable solar chargers, smartphone accessories and much more with quality and a fair price being the foremost considerations.

06/02/2015 08:21 AM
DATASTREAM Smart LED Indicator Micro-USB Charging Cable with Data Transfer

Price: $12.99


Charge Bright through the Night
You wake up panicked in the middle of the night. You forgot to charge your phone and you can’t seem to find your charger! DATASTREAM has eliminated that problem once and for all with the new smart LED indicator micro-USB charging cable. This LED indicator cable shines bright so you always know where you left your charger. A bright blue LED shines when plugged in and changes to red when charging. Never lose your charger to darkness again!

Data Sync and Transfer
Not just another pretty light, this DATASTREAM charging cable supports full data transfer. Easily transfer music, videos, images and other files between your device and computer. This 2-in-1 cable eliminates tangled wires as you’ll never need multiple cables again!

Quality Guaranteed
DATASTREAM products are designed to fulfill the high-quality demands of today’s cutting-edge consumer electronic devices. This extra thick cable is meant to last and is backed by a 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Works With Samrtphones & More!


05/28/2015 03:30 PM
USA GEAR FlexARMOR X T12 Tablet Touch Case with Capacitive Touch Screen and Durable Neoprene Material

Price: $17.99

USA GEAR FlexARMOR X T12 Tablet Touch Case

Durable Design
The FlexARMOR X T12 features reinforced impact-resistant neoprene that helps absorb shock from dings and bumps, while also withstanding the abuse from daily wear-and-tear. Its rugged yet flexible material fits like a glove, snugly conforming to your gadget's shape while the padded texture cushions your device like bubble wrap. The fully-capacitive screen protector allows you to use the tablet without having to worry about it being damaged or covered with dust, fingerprints, spills and more!

Travel Friendly Design - Use as an In Car Display!
The FlexARMOR X T12 has a detachable strap that can be used to mount your tablet on virtually any headrest neck. Adjust the strap length and mount the case around one headrest for personal viewing or between two for shared viewing.

Convenient Carrying Options
The detachable shoulder strap allows you to carry your tablet on your shoulder, as a sling, or around your neck. The FlexARMOR X T12 has four strong metal loops allowing you to carry your tablet in vertical or horizontal orientation! The reinforced metal loop design improves the strength of the case so it doesn't break under the tablet's weight.

Dimensions: 11.8 x 8.25 x 0.5 inches

Compatible With 12 inch Tablets

05/28/2015 02:57 PM
USA GEAR FlexARMOR Neoprene 12" Tablet Case with Front Zippered Accessory Pocket

Price: $14.99

USA GEAR FlexARMOR Neoprene 12" Tablet Case

Firm Protection
The FlexARMOR series features high-density neoprene material designed to comfortably store and protect your device. The flexible fabric fits like a glove, snugly conforming to your gadget's shape for that perfect fit. The case flaunts a scratch-resistant inner lining to help keep your device’s surface looking pristine.

Shock Absorbant Shield
The material helps absorb shock from dings and bumps, while also withstanding the abuse from daily wear-and-tear. Each sleeve combines the durable neoprene with heavy-duty stitching to ensure long-lasting protection for your devices. Simply stretch the sides of the sleeve over your device and the form-fitting neoprene will take care of the rest.

Intuitive Accessibility and Portability
The flap-style fold on top makes it easy to access your device while also keeping it secure when not in use. The sleeve also comes with a front zippered pocket for holding small accessories such as SD cards, charging cables, and more. The built-in handle on the back makes the case very portable and easy to carry while on-the-go.

Dimensions: 11.5 x 8.25 x 0.5 inches

04/23/2015 09:45 AM
ProAmp Mini Turntable Phono Preamp for Stereo Receivers / Connect Your Stereo Receiver to Turntables , Microphones , or other Audio Devices - Works with Sony STR-DN1040 / STR-DH130 , Yamaha RX-V373 / RX-V377 , Denon AVR-E300 and Onkyo TX-8020

Price: $19.99

Add Your Turntable to Your State of the Art Stereo Receiver

Compact Phono Preamp for Turntables
Whether you've inherited your father's vinyl collection or you're an audiophile that just prefers the sound quality of records, chances are you'll need a good phono preamp to connect your turntable to your modern stereo system.

What Does a Phono Preamp Do?
A phono preamp boosts your turntable's phono audio level up to a more speaker/stereo receiver-friendly line level, giving you better volume and increased sound quality. If you're planning on hooking up your turntable to a stereo receiver, you're going to want this preamp to get the high sound quality that you expect from vinyl.

Do I Really Need It?
Most likely, you do. The majority of newer stereo receivers lack a phono input, which would directly connect them to the turntable. You'll need the preamp to connect to the phono output of the turntable and the line input of the receiver. And even newer turntables that may feature a built-in preamp probably aren't going to give you the highest quality sound that could be achieved from an external preamp.

Quick, Easy Setup
You don't need to be a sound engineer or techie to understand this preamp's setup process. It takes only a minute to power up the preamp with it's included 12 Volt DC Adapter. After that, it's just a matter of using RCA cables (NOT INCLUDED) to hook the preamp to both your turntable and your stereo receiver.

Compatible With:
Yamaha RX-V675 , RX-V373, RX-V375 , RX-V377 , RX-V475 , RX-V575 , RX-V677 , TSR-6750
Sony STR-DN1040 , STRDH130 , STRDH-740 , STR-DN840 , STRDN1030 , STRDN1050
Denon AVR-E200 , AVR-E300 , AVR-X2100W , AVR-S500BT , AVR-S700W
Onkyo TX-SR313 , HT-RC560 , TX-8050 , TX-8020

And Many More Receivers

04/15/2015 03:39 PM
BlueSYNC SBR High Definition Bluetooth Soundbar for Home Theater Systems with Optical and Analog Input and Wall Mounting Kit by GOgroove - Works with Sony BRAVIA , Panasonic VIERA , Toshiba REGZA and More HD TVs

Price: $99.99

  • With Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX, RCA and optical audio input options, the SBR works with any HD television including Samsung , VIZIO , LG , TCL , Sony , Sharp , Toshiba , Insignia and more
  • Sleek silver and black styling with ultra slim profile perfectly accents any home theater system
  • Rest sound bar on shelf or entertainment center or mount on a wall with included mounting kit
  • Includes onboard controls and remote control to adjust volume, bass, treble, control playback and 3 equalizer presets - Music, Movie and Voice
  • Quality Guaranteed - 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


GOgroove BlueSYNC SBR
Elegant, low-profile design without compromising audio quality

Premium Audio Quality
Experience your movies, music and other media the way they were meant to be enjoyed on your television with crisp highs, full mids and thundering bass! With optical and analog inputs, the BlueSYNC SBR provides your home theater system with rich, powerful sound and amazing clarity. The speaker comes with 3 equalizer settings - MUSIC, MOVIE and VOICE - to create the best listening experience.

Multiple Control Options
The BlueSYNC SBR includes both onboard controls and a remote control for easy audio access when using Bluetooth. The onboard controls provide power, volume, play/pause/pair and track skipping. Use the remote for the same audio control from a distance but with the added bass and treble adjustment features.

Versatile and Slim Design
With its ultraslim and low-profile design, the BlueSYNC SBR nicely accents any home theater system without getting in the way. The sound bar looks great mounted on a wall or resting on a shelf in your entertainment center. The included wall-mounting kit allows you to easily hang the SBR in a few simple steps and should only take a few minutes to install.

Technical Specifications:
Audio Input: Bluetooth, 3.5mm, RCA, Optical
Speaker Power: (5W x 2) + 12W, 22W RMS, 30W peak
Driver: 67.5mm
Dimensions: 42.52 x 5.7 x 6.1 inches
Weight: 3.75 lbs

Works with:

Samsung / VIZIO / LG / Upstar / TCL / Westinghouse / Element / Sony / Sharp / Hitachi / Seiki / Toshiba / Mitsubishi / Insignia / Emerson / RCA / Coby / Contex / Panasonic / JVC / Phillips / Sylvania

...And More HD Televisions!

04/15/2015 03:16 PM
GOgroove BlueSYNC BXL Bluetooth Portable Boombox Speaker with NFC Pairing

Price: $44.99

Booming Sound
Featuring a similar cube design of its BlueSYNC BX counterpart, the BXL’s larger housing offers retro style with enhanced bass resonance. This portable boombox is packed with two 50mm front-firing drivers and 12W PEAK power to deliver room filling, stereo sound. Play audio through Bluetooth, a 3.5mm AUX or even MP3s on USB Flash Drive. The on-board controls allow you to control playback for both Bluetooth and Flash audio.

Wireless Music and NFC Tap to Pair
The BlueSYNC BXL is equipped with both wireless Bluetooth and NFC capabilities. Pair any Bluetooth device and enjoy your favorite tunes up to 33 feet away without the limitations of wires. NFC technology eliminates the pairing process with "tap-to-pair" connection with supported devices. Simply touch your phone to the N-mark and pair effortlessly. An integrated microphone turns the speaker into a wireless speakerphone.

Party on the Go!
The BlueSYNC BXL is ready for action with the built in carrying handle and removable, rechargeable for up to 6 hours of audio. Keep the party going by swapping batteries on the fly (additional batteries sold separately). When the party is over, use the included USB cable to recharge from your PC’s USB port or smartphone charger. Now you can hit the road with your favorite tunes and start a dance party anywhere.

04/10/2015 02:09 PM
GOgroove BassPULSE 2.1 Stereo Speaker Sound System with Powered Subwoofer (Green)

Price: $59.99

GOgroove BassPULSE 2.1 Channel Speaker System
Pulse. Music. Enjoy.

Full-Spectrum Audio
The GOgroove BassPULSE is equipped with stereo Neodymium Full-Range satellite speakers with 5-watts of power each. The side-firing 10-watt subwoofer comes with its own equalizer mounted on the front for a little or A LOT of BASS. With 20-watt RMS power and 40-watt Peak power, the GOgroove BassPULSE will give you plenty of BASS for your buck.

Pulse to the Beat!
The BassPULSE adds a touch of modern design to your listening experience. The distinctive satellite speakers have the drivers embedded in a crystalline style acrylic housing. When the mood strikes, press the PULSE button and the satellites and matching subwoofer will glow blue. To get the party really going, turn up the BassPULSE's bass equalizer past 80% for a pulsating light show that moves to the beat of the bass!

Easy Setup
This universal sound system can play with any device using a standard 3.5mm AUX input (headphone jack). The power cord is attached to the back of the BassPULSE, so you can just plug it into any AC wall outlet. Connect your audio device with the included 3.5mm plug, flip the power on, adjust the volume/bass, and enjoy your favorite sounds!
Speaker power: (5Wx2) + 10W, 20W RMS; 40W peak
Driver: 40mm driver, 101mm woofer
Impedence: 4 ohm x 2 drivers, 6 ohm woofer
Sensitivity: 90dB
Frequency response: 80Hz-20KHz
Input Audio: 3.5mm audio port
Power input: 120V ~60Hz, 0.22A
Satellite dimensions: 8.25 x 3.5 x 3 inches
Woofer dimensions: 11 x 9.25 x 4.5 inches
Weight: 6 lbs

Compatible With: Desktops , Laptops , Macbooks ,Tablets , MP3 players , Smartphones , Home-Theater and more!

04/08/2015 02:12 PM
USA Gear QCD Compact Digital Camera Case with Shoulder Sling and Belt Loop

Price: $14.99

USA GEAR QCD - Style Meets Protection for a GO-ANYWHERE Camera Travel Case

Weather Resistant Construction
The QCD’s weather resistant neoprene exterior protects your device while keeping a sleek and professional look. Covered zippers and neoprene materials allow the case to repel moisture, dirt, dust, sand and snow. If that is not enough, you can take the case to the next level of protection with the included rain cover. It is custom fit to wrap around the case and can be used with shoulder strap or belt loop.

Cushioned Protection and Storage
The neoprene material offers impact resistant cushion padding for your device. The interior features a scratch-resistant tricot lining to keep your camera looking like new. A front zippered pocket can hold batteries, cables and other small accessories. Two side stretch-net pockets are perfect for quick access to memory cards.

Durable Hardware and Easy Carrying
All the hardware on the QCD is made from metal, no plastic zippers or buckles here. The included adjustable shoulder strap is easily connected to the metal D-rings on the case. If you prefer to carry on your belt, the built-in nylon webbing belt loop keeps your camera within arm’s distance. And like all USA GEAR products, the QCD comes with a 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Case DImensions: 6 x 3 x 1.75 inches


03/27/2015 10:27 AM
GOgroove BassPULSE 2MX Red LED Computer Speakers with USB Connection and Passive Subwoofer

Price: $24.99

  • Compact form-factor with dual-driver design offers dynamic sound and deep, ear-pulsing bass. Perfect for Apple , Toshiba , HP , Asus , Acer , Dell , Sony , Samsung and More Laptops and Desktops
  • Elegant, modern design with unique contours and red glowing LED accents. Includes a switch to turn the glowing lights on or off as you please
  • Ideal for laptop or desktop computer setups (PC and Mac compatible), but also work with most AC/Wall Charger USB Adapters (400mA / 5V minimum) and any device with a 3.5mm audio port
  • No external power adapters required, powers from your USB port ; Rear-loaded volume control allows for quick audio adjustment
  • Lasting Quality Guaranteed - 3 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY by Accessory Power

GOgroove BassPULSE 2MX Red LED Computer Speakers

Dynamic Sound
The BassPULSE 2MX speakers deliver crisp SonusMAX sound with enhanced bass technology. The range of audio produced by this 2.0-channel ensemble will satisfy critical audio enthusiasts and bass-fanatics alike.

Elegant Aesthetics
The sleek, black piano finish and unique contours pair with red LED accents to add a splash of mood to any home, office, or portable system setup. The speakers come with an LED switch so you can choose when you want the lights to glow. The unique form factor combines functionality and design to bring you a product that pleases your ears AND your eyes.

Easy Setup
Plug-N-Play design powers from USB with no external power adapters or drivers required. Rear-loaded volume control allows for quick audio adjustment. 3.5mm audio cable plays music from your computer.


03/19/2015 12:50 PM
USA Gear Protective Memory Foam Tablet Case with Shoulder Strap , Protective Memory Foam , Adjustable Shoulder Strap and Accessory Pocket

Price: $19.99

USA Gear Memory Foam Tablet Case


Protective Memory Foam
The UTB's main compartment surrounds your device with impact-absorbent memory foam designed to shield your device from drops, bumps, scratches and accidents. Memory Foam absorbs and compresses force instead of transfering it onto your precious device. The elastic foam is breathable so it contours to your device's shape and surface offering multidirectional protection. Above the foam is a layer of scratch resistant lining to keep your device pristine as you travel with it.

Adjustable Shoulder Strap
When you're busy and on the go, use the adjustable shoulder strap to sling across your body for a safe and secure hold you can count on. The strap is secured by metallic "D" rings that allow you to take off the strap if you prefer.

Safeguard Your Accessories Too!
Feel safe storing your accessories inside the accessory pocket. Keep the pocket zipped up to store your headphones, flash drives, external hard drives, memory cards, stylus, chargers, or any accessory you may want to bring with you as you travel through the city, attend business trips, or just taking your tablet to the local cafe for lunch!

Maximum Dimensions 11 x 8.25 x.3

Works Perfect With Your...
Apple iPad Air 2
Apple iPad Air
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.1 and many more!

03/12/2015 10:11 AM
DATASTREAM Micro USB Cable Featuring Power Charging / Data Sync / Data Transfer & Flowing Blue LED Current

Price: $12.99


LED Lights Simulate a Moving Current
Impress your friends with this unique Micro-USB cable’s mesmerizing lighting effect. Powerful blue LED lights run the length of the cable, and when plugged into your Smartphone, tablet, or other Micro-USB device you will see a stream of blue light rapidly moving in the direction of your device, simulating an electrical current. When your device is fully charged, the stream’s movement will slow down to indicate your device’s status.

Data Transfer Support
The DATASTREAM Flowing Light cable looks great and is fully-featured with support for data transfer. Charge your phone and move music, pictures, videos, and other content to and from your device with the same cable.

Quality Guaranteed - 3-Year Warranty
All of our DATASTREAM cables are backed by an industry-leading 3-year warranty, so you can buy with confidence and count on quality!

03/03/2015 11:14 AM
GOgroove BlueGATE RCV HD Bluetooth Audio Receiver with Digital and Analog Audio, NFC Compatibility & CD-Quality Sound

Price: $49.99

GOgroove BlueGATE RCV HD Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Simple Home Theater Integration
The BlueGATE RCV HD is the perfect accessory to add Bluetooth capability to your home theater system! Simply plug it into an AC outlet and connect the included cables to your home theater receiver. The device comes with optical, coaxial, RCA and 3.5mm cables for digital or analog audio quality. Choose which cable works best for your theater system!

Easy and Advanced Pairing
To wirelessly play audio, pair your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet to the RCV HD. With auto-pair technology, the RCV HD will automatically pair to the last used device whenever it is within 33 feet. For NFC enabled devices, simply tap the device to the NFC logo on the RCV HD for fast pairing.

High Definition Sound
Utilizing the latest Bluetooth technology, the RCV HD delivers amazing wireless CD-quality sound. aptX features 16-bit depth and a sample rate of 44.1kHz with a full range frequency response of 10Hz to 22kHz. Non-aptX devices are fully supported at lower audio transfer rates.


02/17/2015 10:19 AM
ENHANCE GX-M3 7-Button Optical Gaming Mouse with Adjustable Weight, 2800 DPI, and 4 LED Colors

Price: $19.99

ENHANCE GX-M3 – Customize your Gameplay

Four DPI and LED Settings
With the GX-M3, you can cycle through four sensitivity and LED settings on the fly with the mouse’s physical DPI adjustment buttons. Each setting even has a unique LED color; 800 DPI provides a cool blue glow, 1200 is accompanied by a sleek green, 2000 gives you a radiant purple, and 2800 will give off an intense red.

Adjustable Weight
Some gamers prefer a lighter mouse, while others love a model with some heft to it. Five 6.8g coin weights can be added or removed from the GX-M3, giving the user complete control over the physical feel of the mouse. Just flip the mouse over, pop open the weight cartridge, and give it a light tap on your desk to remove weights.

Comfort and Performance
The GX-M3 has been designed with a non-slip rubberized finish, and each side of the mouse sports a soft silicone grip pad. The mouse’s ergonomic shape provides excellent palm support, keeping fingers free for clutch double-taps and cooldown popping. Enjoy ultra-low actuation force on the left and right mouse buttons, precision tracking with the super-accurate optical sensor, and a 52” braided mouse cable.


02/17/2015 10:09 AM
ENHANCE GX-MP2 XL Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Mat with Low-Friction Tracking Surface & Non-Slip Backing - 31.5" x 13.75”

Price: $19.99

ENHANCE XXL Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

Created solely for gamers who go big or go home, the ENHANCE XXL Mouse Pad provides the user extra gliding space, ergonomic support, and even comfort! Set your GX-MP2 over your desk, place your keyboard and mouse on top, and experience a new type of freedom only BIG mouse mats can offer!

Ultra Smooth Tracking Surface
The GX-MP2 features a soft intertwined fabric surface allowing you feel low friction while gliding your mouse across your desk. With your keyboard on top of the mouse pad itself, you can rest your wrists on the pad for better comfort! The mouse pad was designed for gamers but also great for home/office use as well for as graphic designers, digital artists and film editing.

ENHANCED Performance
With the anti-slip rubber base, you can significantly reduce your chances of undesired slips even during the most intense parts of game play! To improve durability, the perimeter has been equipped with anti-fray stitching.

02/13/2015 04:32 PM
ENHANCE Blue LED Programmable Custom DPI Gaming Mouse with Onboard Memory for Custom User Profiles & Mapping

Price: $29.99

ENHANCE GX-M2 Programmable Gaming Mouse

Customize Everything!
After the drivers have been installed, load the interactive configuration software to edit your layout to your preference. You have the power to map buttons, create macros, and adjust DPI, polling rate, sensitivity and many other features! The mouse also comes with onboard memory to save up to 4 custom user profiles for you to seamlessly switch through your different configurations.

Ergonomic Profile and Surface
With the GX-M2, your mouse will feel like an extension of your body after you rest your hands on the ergonomic body frame and rubberized surface. Extend your gaming sessions with stable gripping and a comfortable resting position.

Classic Blue LED
The GX-M2 features an alluring blue LED that adds a layer of cool to your room's décor. Just dim your lights and see the glow for yourself! And you're trying to keep a low profile, use the same software you use to adjust your mouse to turn on or off your LED lights.